WordPress SEO: A Practical (and FREE) Guide

SEO Optimization

First, optimize for page speed and performance

  • Caching
  • Image Compression
  • CDN
  • Minification


  • W3Total Cache
    • page cache
    • minify
    • browser cache
    • CDN
  • ShortPixel – compresses and optimizes image when you upload them
  • Speed Booster Pack -lazy load images – only load when visible
  • Pingdom page load test, GTMetrix
  • ahref – performance report per page – then load slow pages into Google’s Page Speed Insights

Add Internal Links To Pass Equity To Pages That You Want To Rank

  • site:mywebsite.com keyword1 OR “keyword2” OR keyword3 to find all pages with a keyword.
  • Create links to the page that you want to rank.
  • Install Custom Sidebars and add related posts to sidebar
  • Install a Popular Articles Widget
  • Select keyword that you want to link for, example: long winter coats
  • On other pages, link to the long article with the long-tail keyword
  • Putting it in the content is most effective.
  • It should be relevant

Duplicate Content Issues

  • Yoast SEO Sitemap
  • Title & Meta
  • Tags – no index
  • Categories – debatable
  • Archives Tag – no index author & date
  • Siteliner – run to see duplicate content

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