PDX Grid Project

Remember the AAA map with a grid overlay with names like F6 and G12? Well, the PDX Grid Project photographs the city, one grid at a time, several photographers at once. They had a Drupal site but wanted something in WordPress. Want a photograph of a cat? How about fences? What about roadkill? All of this possible. Over 12,000 images can be searched for by keywords, photographer, date, location, and grid. There is a duplicate of the AAA map, with the grid overly, that lets the user click on a grid and find the corresponding images. Responsible for design & development including migrating over 14,500 images into WordPress and custom templates using the Javascript libraries.

Technology stack used:
– WordPress
– Javascript
– jQuery
– Advanced Custom Fields Pro
– Bricks Theme
– Masonry
– Fancybox
Portland Grid Project
Portland Grid Project

Created by Monkey Puzzle